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Our expert consultants have a wealth of experience across several jurisdictions and business sectors. We are well prepared through our expertise to support a wide range of businesses.


One of the fastest-growing sectors, forming a business within the CBD industry, is highly beneficial and ensuring ultimate compliance across all business functions is vital when operating in this industry. Merchant Connect will support operations to ensure smoothing running at all times.

Subscription Billing

Ensuring you have compliant banking and merchant accounts is imperative when operating successful subscription billing sites. Merchant Connect has fostered strong relationships leading banks and financial institutions and can support you in this fast-paced sector.

Ecommerce Business

E-commerce, by its very nature, removes the traditional country borders. Shoppers can now buy online and have products and services delivered from across the globe. Merchant Connect has the experience and expertise to help support a range of business functions for those wishing to scale their business marketing and converting new customers in different countries.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment and hospitality industry is an essential employer in the global economy. Having a compliant and scalable company structure is beneficial for business owners to ensure operations are set up correctly. Our consultants at Merchant Connect ensure everything is thought about and in place for your long-term success.

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