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Accounts Preparation & Filing

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Accounts Preparation & Filing

Established Experience Helps to Provide Cemented Advice and Guidance

At Merchant Connect, we can prepare various accounts on behalf of your company, ensuring they adequately represent a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s finances. This includes:

  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Directors’ Report

We can use various techniques to achieve your desired results, either – taking your essential bookkeeping records and converting them into final accounts. Alternatively, our expert team can work closely alongside your bookkeeper to support you in generating the accounts yourself, ensuring we are providing the training and information so you can ensure they are formatted correctly for future reference.

Once you are happy that the accounts we have helped prepare, ensuring they provide a fair and accurate picture of your company’s affairs, we can then file them with Companies House.

We can also generate additional accounting information to enhance the management control of your business. This will also ensure that key personnel have a thorough understanding of your operation finances by supporting you in developing accounts in sufficient detail. That means deliverables such as:

  • Management accounts that enable you to make better-informed decisions to operate your business more efficiently and effectively
  • Statistics that reflect important KPIs of cash flow from recurring revenues and subscription services and general financial management

Our team at Merchant Connect have comprehensive expert experience in producing and supporting the generation of such accounts. Accountancy is a vast subject area and can be confusing to those who are just beginning their careers. Engaging the right accountants is critical to support successful overall operations. Merchant Connect can provide services that boost confidence, ensuring all our advice and services are:

  • Up to date and compliant with current legislation
  • Taking advantage of all possible legal concessions by the local country tax bodies; i.e. HMRC
  • Ensuring you pay the minimum tax permissible

We have the utmost confidence in our skills and knowledge and highly recommend speaking to us about the many benefits of engaging Merchant Connect to prepare and file your statutory annual returns.

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