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Banking & Settlements Accounts

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Banking & Settlements Accounts

Convenient Access to Leading International Banks

Our team utilises their vast networks and forged relationships with international banks, financial institutions allowing us to offer a range of services relating to a multi-currency bank account with or without debit cards, often a confusing, time-consuming, challenging process for many.

Our success with banks and financial institutions is based on their knowledge of how we work which therefore creates a level of trust between us!

The relationships we forge afford us a privileged position within an often-uncertain industry, helping us effectively support many in the subscription billing and e-commerce sectors.

Our strengths lie in understanding the business and placing accounts at appropriate institutions, which will help mitigate any onerous information requests during and after the account opening process. We work closely alongside your business to provide bespoke support, as we know through experience how vast requirements maybe for those in the e-commerce and subscription service industry. At Merchant Connect, our team have a wealth of knowledge to hand to ensure that they are laying the best foundation for your business to ensure long-term smooth-running success.

  • Accounts opened for low to high-risk industries;
  • Multi-currency options available;
  • Support across multiple jurisdictions;
  • Unique, named IBAN accounts;
  • Debit cards (physical and virtual) linked to accounts
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