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Company Formation

Company Formation

All the Tools to Help Build a Solid Foundation

Ensuring a concrete formation of a legal entity – regardless of jurisdiction and location can be quite a daunting task for anyone inexperienced in this field. Getting this process right the first time is critical to ensuring you effectively kick-start long term success.

Our expert consultants have extensive experience in this field and can work closely alongside you to ensure that you are making appropriate choices when building your company structure. At Merchant Connect, we utilise our experience and knowledge to ensure that the formation is executed quickly and securely. Using our multiple office locations to our advantage, our team has built a comprehensive understanding of company formations’ pros and cons across a range of jurisdictions.

The rules governing company formation vary enormously from country to country and even between states in a country, such as throughout the USA. Engaging expert advice from the outset safeguards your company against costly and time-consuming mistakes. Formations rules must be complied with, and taxation and accountancy legislation and reporting procedures need to be understood and appreciated regarding the effort and cost required to achieve compliance.

At Merchant Connect, we have an extensive network of global contacts, including local company formation experts, accountants and lawyers. This allows us to harness our expertise and draw from a range of fantastic sources to achieve outstanding results. This ensures professional and satisfactory results, every time, no matter where you wish to form your company.

Having local expert knowledge is vital during the initial stages of your company formation to ensure you correctly comply with regional regulations. Here at Merchant Connect, we have the added advantage of having offices in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and the USA, which gives us direct access to local know-how in those locations and the surrounding provinces.

We can also offer a wide range of ancillary services, such as locally registered offices, director and officer services, company secretary and paralegal capability and expertise, local accountancy services and other accompanying supports. We can even assist with opening local bank accounts should that be a requirement because we maintain close contact with a growing number of big names in the banking industry worldwide.

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