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Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

Ensuring Correct Compliance Across International Markets

Trading in any global jurisdiction requires a thorough understanding and comprehensive compliance with local tax legislation, accounting, reporting, submission protocols, and procedures. Merchant Connect emerged from a group with a wealth of experience and contacts within the international tax and structuring industry.  As such, when advising on local and international tax compliance comes as second nature to our staff. Our capabilities ensure that all of your tax operations are dealt with effectively, efficiently, and compliant.

Many find that various local tax authorities’ procedures can prove quite confusing when filing tax, especially if your business operates in several locations. It is imperative to ensure that the people responsible for filing your tax have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all regulations in each jurisdiction to ensure practical completion. Our tax experts in each jurisdiction have been specially handpicked with a particular special focus on their experience in dealing closely with local tax authorities over many years on behalf of their clients in a wide range of tax matters, disputes and settlements. Only those who work at close quarters with the relevant authorities are entrusted with handling your tax affairs. This approach underpins Merchant Connect’s commitment to delivering excellent and professional services in all aspects of business administration.

Our expert consultants can offer advice and support with registering for and complying with a vast range of taxation categories. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Corporation Tax
  • Sales Tax and VAT
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • As well as an abundance of local or industry-specific taxes.

We ensure that we are always up to date with the everchanging taxation landscape across several jurisdictions to assure our clients of the service and expertise they are receiving when working with us.

Our expert team is composed of experienced, qualified taxation specialists, consultants and accountants. Our depth of expertise ensures compliance with global quality standards. We are equipped and ready to execute all necessary taxation matters promptly and professionally.

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