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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Global Payment Processor?

Working with global payment processors allows businesses to evaluate products and services simultaneously, without having to put in any strenuous work from their side of things. This means you are left with only having to ask yourself one key question – Do you want to accept card payments? The first and foremost benefit of working with a payment processor is, of course, the added ability to process credit card and debit card payments. This may seem relatively straightforward, but it is not something that should be looked over!

Merchant Connect Incorporations is incredibly fortunate to have partnerships with global merchant account providers and acquiring banks, which allows us to offer a range of their facilities to our clients. This allows our clients the benefit of opening a merchant account and take payments online and in-store, with Merchant Connect making a fast-track application on your behalf. We work with all business sizes and serve as a perfect choice for businesses who are looking to take business payments easily, quickly, and securely. We can help manage your cash flow, currency, and fraud risk by tailoring our services to your exact business needs.

If you opt for a merchant account when you register a company with Merchant Connect, our team will review and process it on your behalf. When you add this product to your company formation package, a payment expert will call you within two days to understand your needs ensuring we get you set up to start accepting card payments.

By working with us to set up your company, you will be able to almost immediately see and understand the benefits we bring! Saving your business valuable time and money by collaborating with us!

What exactly do you get when working with Merchant Connect?
  • Access to trusted partners with robust payment solutions.  Our partners process hundreds of simultaneous transactions every second, adding up to millions of transactions every day.
  • Flexibility — Our partners make it easy for your business to scale, regardless of how quickly you grow and the countries you expand in.
  • Security — Our partner’s secure system helps you manage and minimise the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
  • Our Reach — Our partners operate globally, supporting 120 different currencies and more than 150 payment types. If you’re looking to expand into new markets and achieve global domination, Merchant Connect can help you get there.
So, what are the advantages of working with Merchant Connect for your payment processing needs?
  • Offer an improved customer experience — Your customers will appreciate having extra payment options.
  • Easy shopping — Accepting cards allows for quick and easy payment and can considerably influence a buyer’s decision.
  • Enhance your business’s authenticity — Add credibility to your company by working with a knowledgeable partner with global connections.
  • Hassle-free process — Card payments are far more straightforward than accepting cash or bank transfers and prevent needless back and forth and invoice reminders.
  • Enhanced cash-flow — Payments are processed immediately, making sure cash flow doesn’t become a problem for your business.
  • Risk-free and highly secure — Our partners operate PCI DSS payment solutions complying with the latest PSD2 guidelines and are highly secure.
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